Clipconverter obeys the intellectual rights of individuals and takes reasonable actions to notices of alleged copyright infringement that is followed by the DMCA and other related laws.

To respond to the notice for alleged copyright infringement, we would act appropriately to eliminate or suspend access to material(s) that are under our control and reason for infringing copyright rights.

Content that are located on third-party websites are not governed or operated by Clipconverter, hence any material from such websites that are not owned by it or beyond its control cannot be deleted or suspended. If you are the owner, creator or producer of any content, which is located on a third-party website, and you have not permitted to anyone to use your content, then kindly contact that website administrator directly in order to get your content eliminated from there.

If you consider that any content, which is available through Clipconverter platform or software infringes one or more of your intellectual rights, you are requested to notify us regarding this through a notice (“Infringement Notice”) only after including the information mentioned at the bottom of this page.

Kindly note that you will have to bear the damages (along with attorneys’ fees & costs) if you mis-represent by any means that a product or activity is encroaching your intellectual rights. So, if you are unsure about whether any content available through Clipconverter platform or software is violating your intellectual rights, then we recommend you to first approach an attorney for advice.

The following information needs to be included to file a ‘copyright infringement notice:’

  • You need to provide evidence for ownership of the content, which is allegedly infringed, either electronically or physically.

  • Provide materials or information regarding the identification of copyrighted content/work, which has been claimed to be infringed, or in case there is single notification that serves the purpose for multiple copyrighted works or contents at a single website, then you need to put in all the corresponding details about the content (for example: title, author, any tracking/registration number, etc.).

  • Necessary information regarding the content – to which the said rights have been violated or is subjected to infringement of copyright – for recognizing such content, so that such content can be deleted or access to which can be blocked. You should provide all the necessary information sufficiently in order to locate the content properly.

  • Your need to provide your proper contact details that we can use to make contact with you in case it is required (for example, your phone number, geographical address, email address, etc.).

  • You will have to include a notification, acknowledging that all the information that you are furnishing in the notification is correct, and that in case of misrepresentation of the information, reasonable legal actions can be taken against you. You need to fill all the details and send the notice to us.

  • While providing information for different content(s) that have allegedly been infringed, make sure to provide information for each separately.