On this webpage of our website, we have mentioned the privacy policy for our website (Clipconverter.xyz). This privacy policy applies to all the visitors, who visit our website. And, it gives information regarding our terms and means of collection, utilization and disclosure of user’s information, who decide to use our service.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information

To enhance user experience on our website (Clipconverter.xyz) or to provide a better web experience to the users, we may gather a small amount of users’ information as described below. Any data obtained from the users is not shared with others except if it’s required by the law.

Log Data

For your knowledge, when you visit our website (Clipconverter.xyz), we gather some information, which is available through your web browser (when you visit a website, the web browser sends some information). This information is termed as ‘log data.’ This log data contains different information like the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer, current version of the Internet browser that you are utilizing, information about the web pages that you have browsed on our website, date and time of your visits, how much time you spend on our site, and other similar details.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies is a great technology, which allows websites to recognize individuals and their preferences during different sessions based on the information that has been temporarily stored on their computers. Cookie is a small piece of information, which comes along with a unique identifier. When you open a website, these cookies are sent to your Internet browser and then, these cookies are saved on the computer’s hard drive for a short period. Cookies help identifying different users and customize their web experience.

When you open our website, we may use the cookies for tailoring your web experience, preferred settings as well as language, and more.

Moreover, some of our affiliates may also utilize cookies (e.g. marketers/advertisers). But we do not govern, control or access any third-party cookies.

Third-Party Links and Websites

On our website (Clipconverter.xyz), you may encounter different third-party links that may lead to other websites. And, if you try to click on any of such links, it will take you to some other website. You should note that these external websites or links are not controlled or operated by us by any means. Hence, we strictly advise users to read the privacy policy of such websites before using the sites. Since we do not have any control or intervention with the privacy terms of these third-party websites, cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies, practices, or content of these third-party links.

Privacy Agreement

When you visit our website and use our service, you accept our Privacy agreement. And, you also acknowledge to abide by our terms of service.

Contact Us

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